Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overheard at the Offices of the Jeggings Blog

Scott: I don't care. I have spoken.

Janelle: Fucktardigan University.
Scott: F.U.

Scott: I don't usually eat things that are considered "slop."

Charles (growling): I had orange juice for breakfast.

[Facebook chat]
Rachel-2: I'm going to be that person that comes home from work and puts on sweatpants right away.
Janelle: I already am that person. Dan came over earlier and I'm wearing bright red LTU sweatpants, a giant "Party Like a Blue Devil" t-shirt that's too big for most men, a green zip-up hoodie from 8th grade that's too small, purple socks, moccasins, my hair on top of my head and my glasses.
Janelle: who wouldn't want to tap this?

Janelle: I thought of that last night when I was in bed.
Scott: That's kinky.

Rach: I sent Scott an e-card that said "I'm comfortable being friends with you."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Overheard at Parties That No One Comes To

Rachel-2: I'm just too tired to fucktion.

Megan (Nicole's friend): Soooo many people de-friended me on Facebook because my status was, "despite being fat, Adele is killin' it."

Rachel-2 (watching Newsies): This movie is filled with strong young jawlines.

Janelle (to Nicole): You smell like poop.
Nicole: What? How do I smell like poop? What do you mean?
Mom: Get away from us. You smell like the morning after.
Nicole: The morning after what?
Mom: You smell like bad breath, alcohol, and B.O.
Janelle: I DON'T WANT TO BE BY YOU. You smell like a literal turd.

Rachel-2: Wait, what happened to Miss Honey's dad? Did he kill himself?
Nicole: Well you know, you could just shut up and watch the movie, that's always an option. I'm just sayin'.

Nicole: I'm going to take a shower!
Janelle: Come out smelling better!
Nicole: Come out smelly butter?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Overheard As of Oct 18

Scott: Oh, I'm priceless!

Janelle (to Charles): It it racist to think you're a good dancer?

Scott: This used to be a good song until they turned it into a penis commercial.

Steve: I'll come when you go through it.

Scott: I don't last that long at night. I get......fatigued.

Charles: That hot dog only used you for a one night stand.

Scott: We need some shitty removal.

(Talking to James Sharp)
Charles: Did you find the pot of righteousness?

Jeff: So my sister commented on the Ohio thing and said: "Shit be lookin like Jumanji."

Charles: Do you need some "feel better juice?"

Janelle: I'm an awkward shield.

Scott: My leg hurts. Like up here.
(points to a really high spot on his leg)
Scott: So basically my crotch is on fire.

Charles: Let me tell you about The Lust Factor.

Scott: Ladies, we're having a special on Sensodyne.

Rach: Does this make it weirder?
Janelle: What, when you lick your teeth and wink at me? Yes, yes it does.

Scott: I went to Wendy's and asked for a "Hot'n'Juicy Burger." The lady asked me what kind. I said "umm, a Hot'n'Juicy burger?" I guess that there are several types of Hot'n'Juicy burgers.

Rach: (to Scott) I don't know why you don't use this to your advantage [about cougars loving him]. If you had any sort of charisma . . .

Janelle: That looks like a fetus.

What an awkweird time.

Janelle: My tongue is only two inches.
Rach: (to Janelle) You would make a terrible lesbian.

Charles: Bathroom walls are terrible people...those people are perverts!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sorry, Wrong Pants #19 - First Comes the Cheese

Cheese Rushmore
I've been sitting here for awhile now, trying to think of what to write. Usually it's some kind of nonsense that has nothing to do with the accompanying podcast. But I'm fresh out of ideas, preoccupied with other things in my head...

I'm moving to New York City TOMORROW. I have a paid apprenticeship starting next week working for Vimeo. It's going to be an adventure, to say the least. To say the most, extremely stressful for the next couple of days.

I'm going to miss my friends here at Accidental Jeggings, all my friends here around Detroit, and the city of Detroit herself. I've been working with these people for some time now, and they've kept things interesting, in a good way, during the past couple of years. You guys rock.

Sorry to get a little sentimental here. We talk about cheese, work, and occasionally mention poop jokes.

Today's Panel
Janelle, Rachel, CharlesJeffScott, Tommy, and introducing James.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Overheard at Random Places

We're back.

(At Cedar Point)
Tommy: Scott, if you got an award, who would you thank?
Scott: My girlfriend.
Tommy: Well, I guess that's legitimate, because it's in a fictional setting.
Scott: I'm assuming the award is "Congrats on the Sex."

Tommy and/or Scott: Fun fact . . .

Tommy (later): So you never really answered my question about the awards.
Scott: Oh, who would I thank.
Janelle: Jesus Christ.
Scott: Yes, God. And my parents, for introducing me to God. And Jewish people for introducing me to Spaceballs.

(In Tommy's car)
Janelle: Is your finger really all the way up there?

(In the Man Magnet)
Janelle: Okay, Scott, you can copywrite my whore name.

(In the office)
Scott: I gotta dip into my "make it rain" fund.

Janelle: Did you give him the Scott Lehman Special?
Scott: "Things Golden Throat is not allowed to say."

Charles: The new kid is officially broken in.
Janelle: Grossssssss.


Rach: We learned about Chinese bars.
Janelle: And clubs in Shanghai.
Rach: Good idea.
Janelle: And squatter toilets.
Rach: Not a good idea.

Tommy: I've pooped in two countries this year.

Charles: Welp . . .

Janelle: Who's going to sexually harass me at work now?
Janelle: Don't answer that.


Scott: my shit button is shifty
Janelle: oh is it?

Tommy: I'm 5% packed for New York . . . with a 5% margin of error.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Shorts

  • We really don't know what happened to Episode 17 of the podcast. I think we abandoned it. If you find it, please contact us.
  • I made a few modifications to the blog. New header image? Nice. Uh oh, what's over to the side? A new sidebar WOOOAAAHHH
  • Posts from us have slowed from a drizzle to a trickle, sorry about that, our loyal fanbase. 
  • Isn't the new header image REGAL? Like it would be on someone's desk nameplate. We should get on that.